CouponBot Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



The ‘Terms and Conditions’ listed hereafter govern your access to and usage of the CouponBot website (i.e., the CouponBot browser extension and any other online services provided by CouponBot. This is a formal agreement between CouponBot and the user regarding the engagement through CouponBot.

Accepting the Terms

When you use the services provided by CouponBot in a full or partial sense, you agree to comply with and be bound by our terms and conditions. These terms will be effective irrespective of whether you are a member (when you have a registered account on CouponBot) or a visitor (when you use the services without having a registered account on CouponBot). To simply future references, the user would be termed as ‘you and the authorities at CouopnBot would be termed ‘we’. The terms and conditions would hereby be referred to as ‘the agreement’.

  • You must be 18 or the age of majority in your country or region to be able to use our services. If you are not of legal age and can not be competent to agree to our terms, we strictly prohibit you from using our services. In case you are a minor and still agree to use our services, you state that you are capable of being bound by our terms.
  • The CouponBot services are provided for personal and non-commercial use. By accepting our terms, you agree not to use any of these services for/ on behalf of any third-party or commercial purpose.

This agreement contains each and every condition designed by our legal team that protects our service from any possible complications. These provisions are designed and approved by the greatest extent of laws, and by using our services, you inevitably accept the conditions mentioned in the agreement.

Description of Our Services

The services provided by CouponBot are powered by two leading coupon sites in the Middle East, VoucherCodesUAE and CouponCodesME. This service includes standard digital tools to provide you with relevant and necessary coupons, promo codes and discount deals from your visited e-commerce websites. Our services are performed through the CouponBot extension for the Google Chrome browser and the CouponBot website. We collect limited data about you regarding the product history, pricing and offers, in order to create a personalized shopping experience for you that helps you make an informed and affordable purchase. 

It is not mandatory for you to register with us, but if you want to enjoy an enhanced and personalised service, we advise you to set up a profile.

CouponBot does not charge anything for its services. It is an AI assistant designed by VoucherCodesUAE and CouponCodesME that fetches and collects suitable offers, promo codes, coupons and discount vouchers from different retailers. We also track product pricing and suggest exclusive deals that can help you make more savings than the publicly available deals. Furthermore, when you choose a coupon for any online stores from us, we make a certain commission that helps us sustain.

Our primary motive is to track product pricing, fetch available offers and discounts from different retailers. However, we do not directly own or provide any of these coupons. Though we aim to provide you with an accurate description of all products, offers, coupons or prices through and on our services, we do not guarantee the functionality of the same. Much of the information displayed on our website is controlled and owned by third party websites and bound by their terms and conditions. Therefore, CouponBot can not be held responsible for any missed savings opportunity or expired offers. 


Detailed User Agreements for Using CouponBot

Engagement with Third Parties

This section discusses the various relationships we have with our third-party partners and your subsequent roles and responsibilities concerning them.

  • Merchant Websites: Shopping

Our service allows you to find products listed by a third-party merchant website, find offers and coupons for them and go to that particular website through our redirected link or emailed offers. However, you must remember that CouponBot is not a seller or distributor of any products, and all purchases you make based on the information provided by us are made at your own risk. 

  • Merchant Websites: Delivery & Return 

If you do not get the product delivered within the said time frame or have queries regarding the shipping, you have to contact the specific third-party merchant that you chose. The same applies if you are dissatisfied with any of the products purchased and you are willing to return them. CouponBot is not involved with any payment, delivery or return related inquiries of your merchant purchase.

  • Links with Third-Parties

CouponBot showcases various deals, coupon codes and discounts offered by multiple third-party merchants. Please remember that we are just an interlink between you and the active offers, and we do not own or control them in any way. These offers can be shown to you in multiple ways, i.e. through redirected links to merchant sites, as coupons or promo codes, or via email. However, all products displayed through our extension or the website are priced by the specific third-party merchant website. Furthermore, all payments, shipping, return and other services are handled by the said third-party website, and your purchase would be bound by the terms and conditions of that very website. 

CouponBot has no liability regarding the quality or availability of the product displayed concerning our advertised links and coupons. By accepting these terms, you agree that CouponBot has no responsibility regarding any product delivery failures, improper charges, unsatisfactory quality, liability claim, inaccurate descriptions, incorrect pricing or breach of credit/debit card security on the third-party merchant website.

CouponBot does not warrant or endorse any product from the advertised third-party merchants but only displays the available and applicable discount offers for budget-friendly shopping. We are not the seller, broker, agents, distributors of any sort and have no commercial engagement with our users. We encourage you to go through the risk factors, safety factors, privacy policy and terms provided by the third-party merchants for a safe shopping experience. 

  • Use of Third-Party Data

CouponBot does not track your search engine history or monitor your online activities. Regardless, we may collect and assess the data related to your engagement with CouponBot, the kind of third-party websites you open from our links, your preferred product choices on our partner third-party merchant websites, and whether you open or use any of the coupons we provide. But, in no case can CouponBot verify, monitor or control the activities of the third-party merchant websites.

  • Risks Related to Third-Party  

We state with the utmost emphasis that third-party merchant websites might entail certain risks, and CouponBot holds no responsibility or accounts to no liability regarding the content, practices, opinions or vulnerability of the third-party websites. While using our services, you agree to hold us harmless if you have any dispute with any of them. By the maximum extent of laws, you agree that CouponBot has no involvement with any dispute the users have with the third parties. This agreement states that you can not hold us (the service, the website, the employees, agents or advertisers) responsible for any damages, claim or liability obtained from your engagement with the third-party merchant website (including the activity initiated through our sponsored products or advertised coupons, or the redirected links). 

  • Account Information from Third-Parties

When you set up an account with CouponBot, we allow you to link your profile registered with a third-party service such as Facebook or Google. By doing so, you will enable us to collect or store the limited data for the purpose of future logins and an enhanced personalized experience. But CouponBot does not control or monitor the terms and privacy conditions of that third party, even with regards to the linked profile, in terms of inaccuracy, non-infringement or accessibility issues. Neither are we responsible for any products or services administered by or through your linked profile.

Privacy and Security Policy

Every online service provided by CouponBot is subject to the ‘Privacy and Security Policy, to be found here. This policy discusses how we collect, share or use the data you consent to give us through the browser extension or the website. By agreeing to our terms, you hereby allow us to access, collect and use your preferred data, as set forth by the privacy policy.

Account Information

We maintain the highest level of security protocols to ensure the safety of our users. But it is your utmost responsibility to keep your account information and credentials as private as possible. In case of breach of any confidential information, you must inform CouponBot at the earliest.

We need accurate information regarding your name, email address, contact details or any possible payment records to provide you with a wholesome service. Therefore, you must agree to keep your profile updated at all times as otherwise the accuracy and effectiveness of our services might be affected. 

Notifications from CouponBot

We aim to keep the communication between you and us as smooth as possible. Therefore we need you to keep your contact information updated so that we can reach you about the latest offers, any modification of our services, and account-related notices through the email ID you provide. We may also contact you about the products and services of our own and our third-party retailers that we deem relevant for you. If you want to modify your notifications from CouponBot, adjust your user preference or unsubscribe from our email list. 

All kinds of intimations made by CouponBot work through electronic mediums, such as emails, push notifications and pop-up. These notifications might include any change in your account settings, your device settings and your browser settings. We may add or modify these notifications from time to time. Since notifications are not encrypted, we withhold all kinds of sensitive data in them. But since they are sent to the email address you provide to us, anyone with access to your email account can witness them. Furthermore, while you may adjust the voluntary notifications about the products, offers or accounts, you will still receive essential service-related notices from us upon your allowance. 

Electronic Properties of CouponBot

All kinds of contents of our service, including the website design, graphics, software, button icons, photographs, editorial contents, write-ups, logos and other materials, are licensed to CouponBot and protected under global copyright and trademark laws. In compliance with this agreement, CouponBot allows you a personal, global, non-sublicensable, non-transferable right to access our services and contents without any commercial purpose. Please note that we might use your activity data and statistics in anonymized form for modifications, marketing, advertising and other purposes. 

Technology Disclaimer

Our service might get interrupted at times due to third-party failures (infrastructure or poor networking, unavailability, etc.), which are beyond our control. Interruptions can also happen due to regular updating, maintenance or repairing of our services. While we give our best efforts to detect any upcoming technical glitches and resolve the issues, we can not guarantee the prevention of loss of information, deletion or non-delivery of communication or other information. 

Disclaimer of Warranties

CouponBot makes no guarantee regarding the accuracy or competence of the content displayed on our services, and therefore effectively disclaims any representation, warranties or conditions for possible legal actions. We also do not hold any liability regarding the safety and virus-free nature of the third-party websites and their contents. 

Limitations of Liability 

To the maximum extent of permissible laws, you can not hold us or any of our affiliates, employees, partners, licensors, service providers, successors or shareholders accountable or liable under any circumstance, even in the context of your engagement with any third party. In case of any damages (punitive, exemplary, incidental, consequential, etc.), CouponBot will not take any responsibility even if your reliance or interactions have been initiated through our services. You must disclaim every liability in relation to us in terms of any damages or loss generated on behalf of your account.

Indemnification of CouponBot

As you register with CouponBot or begin to use our services, you agree to indemnify and defend us (our affiliates, employees, partners, licensors, service providers, successors or shareholders) from and against all legal costs and actions in case of any breach or ill-mannered activity done by you. 

Ending Your Relationship with CouponBot

If you want to discontinue using CouponBot, delete your account (in case you have one) or write to us about removing all necessary data. If you do not have a registered account, you can only uninstall the extension and stop visiting the website. 

However, any data stored in encrypted and anonymized format may be used further for our own records and enhancement.

Arbitration and Waiver of Class Action

By accepting our terms, you agree to the statement that any dispute between you and us (not related to any third party) regarding the access, rights of privacy, data control, use of services and your relationship with us should be resolved by individual arbitrations and not through any class action suit under any circumstances. However, if you threaten or propose to damage any portion of our intellectual properties, we might seek proper injunctive measures to protect our rights. This agreement clearly disables you from taking part as a member of any class action. For more details about this, feel free to contact us.

CouponBot welcomes feedback, suggestions, queries and comments on our terms and conditions from our users. Drop an email or connect with our customer care service for more information.