CouponBot Privacy & Security Policy

Privacy & Security Policy

As part of the larger internet fraternity, we understand the need for privacy. In this next-gen era of the internet and technology, it is of utmost importance that you keep all your information safe and secure. However, before we delve deep into the exact policies and measures that we take for our website, let us discuss a bit of our commitment to privacy.

How Can You Be Assured of Your Safety at CouponBot?

First of all, CouponBot does not store or sell your private information at any cost. 

Secondly, you can know precisely how your privacy works with us as we have a clear and concise policy ready for you.

CouponBot works as a browser extension for your computer. We aim to find the best deals, discount offers and coupons, promo codes and vouchers for every e-commerce website that you choose. This website is powered by two of the most leading coupon sites in the Middle East, VoucherCodesUAE and CouponCodesME. These websites have verified tie-ups with the respective stores from where they collect the coupons and earn a specific commission from them. Therefore, we have nothing to do with your private and personal information at all.

How Is Your Data Used at CouponBot?

CouponBot does not need you to register or buy any services. All you have to do is to add us as an extension to your Chrome. We analyse and observe the websites that you are browsing on Chrome and try to fetch the right coupons and discount deals in real-time so that you can keep saving on your shopping spree. We collect limited shopping data, and our expert teams at the VoucherCodesUAE and CouponCodesME websites work continuously to find the live offers, active coupon codes and promo codes suitable for you. With the help of real-time information on products, prices, and the discount offers available on a specific e-commerce website, CouponBot works as an AI assistant to suggest active deals. So, you do not need to share a lot of personal data with us as you enjoy our amazing service free of cost.

If you are satisfied with our approach towards privacy and security, you can start shopping the more innovative way. We ensure that you will save big with us as you proceed. For any information or detailed queries about the privacy policy, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. 

Introducing the Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy is designed by Digital Conversions Media, DMCC to explain the process of collection of information on the CouponBot website. It specifically talks about how the data is collected from members and users and used for all the online services that we provide. The primary intellectual properties of CouponBot is the web extension for the Google Chrome browser and the CouponBot website that works on computers. However, we do not have any mobile application currently, and if we proceed towards one, our privacy policies would be modified accordingly. 

Apart from the data required and mentioned at the beginning of your user experience, we do not demand additional information or personal data without asking for your permission. Since our extension works with multiple other e-commerce websites that we do not own, control or have any legal authorities over, it is advisable that you review the respective privacy policies from those websites before proceeding.

Types of Data Collected at CouponBot

As we aim to deliver the necessary coupons and promo codes to you, we collect some information with your prior permission to design the personalized experience through our products, i.e. the browser extension and the website. We primarily collect the technical information about your device and your engagement with CouponBot, to provide you with a seamless and compelling experience. All the information contained here is designed to create a better and affordable online shopping experience for you.

Please remember that it is not mandatory to set up a profile with us in order to enjoy our services. However, creating a profile with more specific information can help you get fast suggestions and valid coupons and deals and, as a whole, prove to be an effort-saving and time-saving way.

  • Account and Personal Information

You can set up a profile at CouponBot with your email address, password and name in order to achieve a personalized experience. You can also use your social media profile (i.e. Facebook) to log in to CouponBot. In that case, we will store your basic login information for future grant of access, as allowed by your permission settings and the privacy policy of the respective website. However, we do not track or monitor your activities or post anything on your behalf.

You can also sign up at CouponBot with your Google account and allow us to import your contacts for future referrals, but we can not contact anyone on your list without your permission.

The following occasions might need you to provide some information:

  1. When you checklist items to get notifications about price drops.
  2. When you share the available coupons, promo codes and deals from us.
  3. When you refer friends from your contacts to us.
  4. When you like or follow a specific store and its coupons available with us. 
  5. When you sign up for our newsletter with your email address.
  6. When you get redirected to a particular retailer from us.
  • Technical Information

CouponBot collects certain technical data to ensure our coupons and deals can function properly on your device. These data would be:

  1. Your computer type.
  2. Operating system and browser type (Google Chrome).
  3. The IP address of your computer.
  4. Event stamp.

These data help us to create an effective personalised experience for you as well as preventing fraudulent activities. This information can also be used for marketing and communication purposes. We use standard digital software and tools to know your interaction pattern with us, when you open a notification/ email from us, and when you use a coupon available from us.

  • Shopping and Usage Data

We only collect limited data such as product information, pricing and offers, from the retail sites that you pre-approved in order to curate the best coupon codes for you and to update our catalogue. In addition, we store the specific purchase history made through our redirected portals for internal analytics and commission generation. All of the information is used to create a tailor-made and relevant shopping experience for you by showing you the sponsored product information of your choice.

We may use some of the data through an aggregated or anonymized format to enhance our service, keeping in mind that your identity is encrypted and secure. This usage lets us analyze our interaction with online shoppers and develop our research, analytics, and marketing purposes.

The Data We Don’t Ask For

Please note that we do not track or monitor your search engine history, email correspondences or browser history related to any other websites that are not retail in nature. Your activity on your browser is safe and encrypted even when you turn on our extension. Furthermore, we do not collect any information unnecessary to our process of providing deals and discount offers. Our sole agenda is to offer you relevant shopping offers in the most convenient way so that you can save both time and money. 

Our services do not require any registration fee or expenses. So, we never ask you for a credit card or debit card details either. 

Protection of Your Data

CouponBot does not share or divulge your data with any retail websites in exchange for money. We only allow or transmit data in an anonymized form to businesses that might be relevant to your shopping experience. There are some third-party protocols such as fraud-prevention captcha to prevent spams and frauds. We safeguard all data that you provide to us in physical and electronic formats. 

The basic measures taken by us for this purpose include encryption and anonymization of data, testing for the unsafe environment, detection and prevention of malware, etc. But in case of any breach of safety attack, CouponBot does not hold any authority as you present all your data with your consent and at your own risk. 

Use of Cookies and More

Like most online services, CouponBot also uses cookies, pixel tags or web beacons from time to time to ensure more effective operation, analyze our engagement and create a personalized shopping experience. You can set your cookie preference anytime you want. Any information we collect and store is done with your consent, and you can modify your permissions from your account settings. 

Other Things to Remember:

  • CouponBot never collects any data from minors (aged under 18 years) consciously. If you are underaged, please refrain from giving any personal information to us. 
  • You can manage your data right from your accounts page and your browser settings. But please remember that limiting your data would restrict our ability to provide you with a more effective service.
  • You can opt-out of the services by CouponBot anytime you want. We would not retain any data after you cease to use our services, uninstall the extension or delete your account, apart from the necessary segments needed for possible legal compliance.
  •  In order to enhance our services, we will continue to modify and update our privacy and security policy. You will be notified through your preferred medium about any change we make regarding these.

Lastly, your safety is our topmost priority. We care for your privacy and aim to deliver you the best services while respecting your boundaries. We hope that you have a satisfactory experience with CouponBot and continue saving money on your shopping affairs!